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The designer Jacques Gaspo from Foodtastic (behind La Belle & La Boeuf, Souvlaki Bar, Carlos & Pepe’s, Le Blossom, the new Nickels and Bacaro Pizzeria) developped Gatto Matto over a two year period. A revolutionary and Avant-Garde Art Deco concept with a flower bar theme that is a fusion between Chicago and Italy. Using premium materials designed and manufactured in Montreal, the elements marry themselves wonderfully. Bright and vibrant colors give a WOW factor that will make you feel like in a modern Milan hotel with a girly touch. The creation of the open kitchen concept never seen before in the Montreal area (in collaboration with Hagop Hagopian, director of operations at Foodtastic and expert in kitchen design) allows you to see the best chefs in the region at work. No need to travel, we bring Europe to your table.



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By uniting with Chefs Angelo Mercuri (Founder of Bacaro Pizzeria and Restaurant Vago Italian cuisine and one of the only restaurants in the world to receive the prestigious '' Ospitalità Italiana quality seal award '') and Terence Sheppard (behind the menus and recipes of the banners of the Foodtastic group), the menu offers avant-garde and modern Italian cuisine incorporating Italian ingredients in a Mediterranean ambience. Pizza is different at Gatto Matto: a unique creation that took many years to perfect. Come taste the best pizza in the world.  

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La Bella Vita

Wine Bar

Gatto Matto is a wine bar. We are specialized in wine: glass, bottle, discovery, combination, private imports, bubbles). The menu by the glass changes regularly to allow the amateurs to taste several rare wines without having to buy a full bottle. On Wednesdays, come and enjoy our prices on discovery wines. On Sundays, relax: our team sits at your table and settles all your problems with wine. Our sommelier expert Olivier Ferron (owner at Vinnie Gambini Boisbriand and Gatto Matto) will be happy to have a drink and chat with you.


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